The children of Israel lived in fear of evil commander Sisera and the Canaanite army. Every day, the army stole their food and abused the people.

Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon Deborah to deliver Israel. She sent word to Barak to lead the Israelite army in battle against the Canaanites. But Barak was afraid.

“If you will go with me, then I will go,” he said. “But if you do not go, I will not go.

“I’ll go with you,” Deborah said. “But the victory will not lead to your glory. It will be given to a woman.

In Deborah, Phyllis Stevens retells the story of the courageous judge, prophetess, and military commander. You’ll discover

  • Why God sent Deborah along with Barak to lead the Israelite army.
  • How God used the force of nature to fight for Israel.
  • How God used a single woman to kill Sisera.

Read Deborah because the highest form of worship is obedience.


Samson: God’s Rebellious champion

Even before Samson was born, God set him apart as a Nazirite for a special purpose—to deliver the children of Israel from the Philistines. Samson took the Nazirite vows, including to never cut his hair.

Samson’s super-human strength was known throughout the land, and his long hair was a symbol of God’s promise. But his weaknesses made him break his vows, ignore God’s law, and do what was right in his own eyes. Samson had to learn the hard way that only the strength of God Himself could accomplish Samson’s purpose.

Watch as Samson

  • kills a lion with his bare hands
  • loses his strength when Delilah cuts off his hair
  • finally obeys God and accomplishes His purpose

True power comes not from human physical strength but God’s strength alone.


Joshua A Warrior for God

Meet one of the most powerful warriors in the Bible.
When the children of Israel crossed into the promised land, they faced enemies too numerous to count and too strong to overcome. But Israel’s enemies didn’t realize they would face two undefeatable foes: Joshua and his God.

This story of Joshua comes alive with over 30 full-color illustrations. Phyllis Stevens retells the heroics of Joshua as he leads Israel to victory and into their promise.

• Discover the secret to Joshua’s strength and courage (page 13)
• Witness Joshua’s crazy way of conquering a walled city (page 36)
• Watch what happens when Joshua asks God to make the sun stand
still (page 62)

Joshua proves that when you follow the Lord’s guidance you can overcome your adversaries, no matter how numerous or strong.